Our detailed school performance can be seen on the government’s ‘Find and compare schools in England’ website which can be found here.

2019 Results

Year 6 (Key Stage 2)

In 2019, 86% of our pupils achieved expected or above in Reading, Writing and Maths (combined), compared to 65% nationally.

2019 Year 6 SATs results

(14 in cohort 1 child = 7%)

School results

(expected and above)

National results

(expected and above)

Maths 93% 78%
Reading 86% 73%
Writing 93% 78%
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation 86% 79%
Reading, Writing and Maths combined 86% 65%


Year Two (Key Stage 1)

2019 Year 2 SATs results

(7 in cohort 1 child = 17%)

School results

(expected and above)

National results

(expected and above)

Reading 83% 75%
Writing 50% 70%
Maths 83% 76%


Year One Phonics Test

In Year One, the children are given national phonic tests. These assess the children’s ability to read different sounds, the building blocks of reading.

2019 – 86% of the seven children in Year One achieved the expected standard.

EYFS Assessments

At the end of Reception children are assessed through teacher assessment. A Good Level of Development (GLD) is defined as children working at or exceeding the expected standard in the key areas of literacy, maths, physical development, communication and language and personal, social and emotional development.

2019 – 88% of the nine children in Reception achieved a Good Level of Development.


2020 results

The Government has announced that it will not publish any school educational data based on tests or assessments for 2020, see here for what this means for the way school accountability will work for 2019/20.