Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Oare Church of England Primary School is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and inclusivity for all members of our school community:-

Children who attend our school

Their families

Our staff

Our visitors

All other users of school facilities and services

Our Equality Objectives for April 2017 – April 2021 are:-

  1. To increase understanding of and respect for religious/faith diversity (including people who do not have a faith) and to learn to promote tolerance and understanding.
  2. To work to prevent mental health difficulties that may start in childhood but have a greater impact in adult life.
  3. Oare C of E Primary School recognises the important role culture (film, theatre, art, museums, galleries) play in our society and in particular that not all pupils have equality access to our diverse cultural heritage.

We will review our equality objectives annually during this four year period to evaluate their effectiveness. Relevant equality information will be published and equality analysis conducted on an annual basis; and will contribute to this review and evaluation process. This equality objective will be achieved at the end of the four year period at which time it will be reviewed. Additional equality objectives will be identified during the four-year period as appropriate.