The School Day

The health, safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff is our primary consideration.

At the moment school is open for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers.  Remote learning is being provided for the children who are currently staying at home.

Government guidance will be followed regarding the return of those not present.

If any of your children, or any members of your household living at home, have any coronavirus symptoms, please do not send any of your children to school. Instead, please contact the school office to keep us informed.

All absences relating to other illnesses should be reported to school in the usual way.

In order to reduce congestion, children are to be brought to school by just one parent / carer. Families should not mix so please do not arrange for children from different families to travel together to school, either by foot or by car sharing.

Families are to queue outside the appropriate gate and maintain the two metre social distancing. Please keep your child/ren with you. We would encourage you to park down the lane and walk up to school. Please do not block driveways of local residents. Where possible, children should walk or cycle to school; please try to avoid public transport.

Children will be allowed into school, one-by- one. Parents will not be allowed to accompany them onto school premises.

Organisation of the School Day

Internal movement around school has been restricted to just visits to the toilets or to go outside. Groups of children will be taken to the toilet at timetabled times during the day; individual use will also be permitted, but controlled.

We will not have times when children now gather in larger groups. Worship  will happen in classrooms.  Lunchtime will take place in classrooms and the school hall to ensure there is plenty of room for the children to face one way. Lataca are providing hot meals from March 8th.


Safety Procedures

On entry to school, all children will be asked to wash their hands. This routine will be maintained throughout the school day and classes have been timetabled to facilitate this. In addition hand washing facilities / hand sanitisers are available in all teaching spaces.

The school will be spot cleaned during the day. There will be a thorough cleaning of the school at the end of each working day.


Equipment and Clothing

Children are allowed to bring essential items only into school in a wipeable school bag. Your children will be provided with their own pens, pencils etc. The sharing of equipment will not be allowed, unless it is washed in between use.

Parents should follow normal procedures relating to personal hygiene and the washing of clothes following a day in school. Please avoid sending your children to school in school uniform that cannot be machine washed. We appreciate that school shoes may no longer fit and therefore will relax the rules during this time on school shoes but please try to ensure they are wearing sensible footwear for a school day. Please can pupils wear PE kit to school on a Monday and Friday.

Covid related Illness

If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be contacted and you will be asked to collect your child as soon as possible, get your child tested for the virus. We have an isolating room for children who are showing virus symptoms.  If tests prove positive, the rest of that learning group will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

Communicating with School

Please continue to communicate with staff via [email protected].  The school grounds are now a parent-free zone. We are significantly restricting the number of visitors on site. Please make all contact with school either by telephone or email.