Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, P.E. t-shirts, book bags and backpacks with the Oare School logo are available from our uniform supplier. All non-embroidered items of clothing can be bought at the usual school-wear stockists, e.g. Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Asda, etc.

Comfortable, practical footwear is very important so that children may run around and play safely in the playground. This includes sandals that are supported at the heel. Trainers and high heels are not allowed for general wear.

We’ve noticed over time that clothes can have a mind of their own and a tendency to wander around school (and sometimes further), so please put names in all kit and uniform. It is part of a child’s education to teach them to look after their property; labelling items supports this.



P.E. Kit

It is essential for safety reasons that children are properly equipped for PE lessons. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school on the days that they have P.E.

The kit should include:

  • navy blue Oare School t-shirt with school logo
  • navy blue or black P.E. shorts
  • black daps or trainers (no flashing lights or fashion trainers)
  • in colder months it is important that the children are dressed appropriately for outdoor P.E. They can wear navy tracksuit tops and bottoms (NO logos or brand names). Navy zip through hoodies are available from OHM Clothing